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Immigration is a sophisticated process that can be viewed from many different angles. Whether permanently, long-term or short-term, it could be a complicated, troublesome, tough-edged, time-consuming and devastating experience or, on the contrary, it could be a smooth, rewarding, joyful and productive experience. The key factor that makes all the difference is, without even a shred of doubt, information. The more you know about the immigration process, requirements, before immigration, after immigration, what to expect, time frames and many many other details, the better you would be able to deal with your immigration process and actually quite enjoy it.

Well aware of this and equipped with comprehensive and up to date knowledge of immigration to Australia, OZRainbow consultants offer an online "Knowledge Forum" that is one the most critically comprehensive ones you can find about Australia. While we proud ourselves on the range of information offered to our clients 100% FREE, we do keep an eagle eye moderating this forum to maintain it clean of loads of lines of jargon with not much use for potential immigrants. As you will find in the following links, the Forum is composed of Fact Sheets as well as Informative Posts.

Fact Sheets

Refer to the fact sheets to simply have most of your questions answered and your doubts gone.

Informative Posts

Find much of more specific topic-based information in our constantly updated and rigorously archived informative posts.

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